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BCE China

Welcome to BCE. This is our official website in China. To help you understand the types of products you can buy from BCE in China, we have tried to simplify how you can access as quickly as possible our distribution channels specific to the product of interest to you.

Simply click on the product of interest below, this will take you directly to our Official and Exclusive Distributor in China.

The categories of products available are listed below. Remember if a Distributor of our product is not listed on this site, then the probability is they are not an Official Distributor of BCE products and the product being offered to you could be Counterfeit.

If you think you have been offered counterfeit product, please contact us on r.lacey@bce-uk.com

We will then verify if the product or the company offering you the product is genuine.

Don't be a victim of Fraud, check first with us directly. Together we can make sure you buy an authentic original BCE product.