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History Of BCE

Riley had humble beginnings as a sports shop in Manchester way back in the 1890’s. The company quickly diversified and became the largest manufacturer of cricket bats in the world. As a sideline, Riley started to manufacture billiard tables and cues, and by 1910 the Company was producing around 800 full size tables per year. Parallel to the full size tables, the Company also manufactured a large quantity of convertible tables (tables with dining tops) and also another line known as portable tables. Portable tables became by far Riley’s biggest selling line. By 1912 the Company was producing 4000 units a year exporting to all parts of the globe and Riley’s biggest customer was the British Army.


By the mid 1920’s the Riley brand was not only famous for snooker tables, cues and accessories, the Company had expanded into club ownership. In little more than a decade the company had become the giant of the industry:


  • Manufacturing tables
  • 生产球桌
  • Manufacturing cues and accessories
  • 生产球杆与配件
  • Manufacturing lighting
  • 生产照明设备
  • Owners of 40 snooker style clubs
  • 拥有40家斯诺克俱乐部
  • Exporting to all corners of the globe
  • 产品远销遍布全球各个角落
  • Snooker truly was the quintessential sport of English gentlemen.
  • 斯诺克是英国绅士的经典运动项目

By the 1930’s the popularity of the sport had spread to the working classes. Riley snooker tables had made their first of many appearances at the World Snooker Championships.


The Company throughout the 30’s and 40’s went from strength to strength employing more than 2000 workers. Riley manufactured and supplied snooker equipment to:


  • Working men’s clubs
  • 工人俱乐部
  • Tiny social clubs up and down the land
  • 各类小型社交俱乐部
  • Snooker clubs, not just Riley owned clubs
  • 斯诺克俱乐部(不仅仅是Riley拥有的俱乐部)
  • Private residences
  • 私人住宅
  • Stately homes
  • 庄园
  • Hotels
  • 酒店
  • A small band of professionals
  • 一小群专业人士

By the 50’s and 60’s snooker lost some of the early appeal. Television had arrived, package holidays to Spain had started to take off and snooker was in decline. During that period Riley went through a number of mergers and various acquisitions to try and recreate the glory days of the past.


It was only during the 1970’s when snooker began its meteoric rise in public popularity thanks in the main to the colour television and one man, Barry Hearn. Steve Davis, possibly the greatest player to pick up a cue had a huge part to play in the success Riley enjoyed throughout the 70’s and 80’s.

直到二十世纪七十年代,随着彩色电视机和巴里•赫恩 (Barry Hearn) 的出现,斯诺克一夜之间流行开来。史蒂夫•戴维斯  (Steve Davis) 恐怕是最伟大的台球明星,他对于Riley七、八十年代的崛起功不可没。

As in all industries when something big starts to happen, particularly sport, competitors to the established names emerge.


In 1976 a small Company called BCE was founded. This Company started life as a distributor to the coin operator sector, supplying cues, balls and table spares. By 1980 BCE had diversified into the manufacture of snooker tables. Within a short period the BCE Westbury snooker table was the table being used at all World professional snooker tournaments. From 1982-1992 the Westbury was the benchmark table in snooker and BCE had become the biggest name in snooker. Many of the sport’s leading professionals were happy to endorse BCE cues.


  • Cliff Thorburn
  • 克里夫•桑本 (Cliff Thorburn)
  • Kirk Stevens
  • 基尔克•斯蒂文斯 (Kirk Stevens)
  • Denis Taylor
  • 丹尼斯•泰勒 (Denis Taylor)
  • Alex Hurricane Higgins
  • “飓风”亚历克斯•希金斯  (Alex Hurricane Higgins)
  • Tony Knowles
  • 托尼•罗里斯 (Tony Knowles)
  • Tony Meo
  • 托尼•米奥 (Tony Meo)
  • Willie Thorne
  • 威利•索尼 (Willie Thorne)
  • Doug Mountjoy
  • 道格•蒙特乔 (Doug Mountjoy)
  • Perry Mans
  • 佩里•芒 (Perry Mans)
  • Jimmy White
  • 吉米•怀特 (Jimmy White)

Just to mention a few, supported the meteoric rise of BCE.


At the same time, Riley had gone down the route of flotation and had huge ambitions to take the sport and the Riley brand of clubs globally.


By the 1990’s snooker had lost the magic of the 80’s. Both Riley and BCE by 1992 had floated on the stock exchange and been taken back into private hands. This marked the beginning of a more difficult period for the cue sports industry in general.


All the personalities in the game had come to the end or were nearing the end of their glittering careers. There was a new breed of players emerging, leaner, meaner, and mentally tougher but with less popular appeal.


The 1990’s were difficult and challenging times for both Riley and BCE. Riley went through a period of different ownership and so too did BCE. Both Companies struggled to re-establish their hold on the snooker market. BCE retreated to its humble beginnings servicing the coin-operated sector in the UK. Riley covered all sectors of the market from retail to mail order, to coin operators. Unfortunately because of the degree of diversity and lack of core focus the Riley brand began to drift in direction and became jaded.


Stuart Lacey emerged into the market in 1994 having founded RLE, a small competitor to Riley and BCE. By 1996 RLE was growing rapidly and by November 1997 RLE had merged with BCE. By July 1999 Stuart Lacey had gained control of BCE.

1994年,斯图亚特•雷斯 (Stuart Lacey) 在台球市场崭露头角。他曾创办RLE公司——曾经是Riley和BCE的竞争对手。1996年,RLE快速发展,并于1997年11月兼并了BCE。1999年7月,斯图亚特•雷斯接管BCE。

In late 2002 Riley had fallen into administration. BCE acquired the Riley brand and have since tried to re-establish its prominence and position. Stuart Lacey soon re-established a supply agreement with World Snooker to supply snooker tables for all televised and world ranking events. By 2006 both BCE and Riley are at the pinnacle of the sport. BCE – the more contemporary brand with Jimmy White and Ronnie O’Sullivan spearheading the products. Riley – the classical brand oozing tradition, quality and heritage lead by John Higgins, Steve Davis and the late Paul Hunter.

2002年底,Riley濒临倒闭。BCE收购了Riley,并开始重新确立其市场地位。斯图亚特•雷斯很快与世界斯诺克锦标赛组委会签订协议,为所有电视转播赛和世界排名赛提供斯诺克球桌。2006年,BCE和Riley将台球运动推向巅峰。吉米•怀特和罗尼•奥沙利文成为BCE这个更具时尚气息的品牌的代言人。而以经典传统为主打、强调品质和传承的知名品牌Riley则由约翰•希金斯、史蒂夫•戴维斯做代言,随后又邀请了保罗•亨特 (Paul Hunter) 加盟。

The BCE group exports to more than 60 countries worldwide. Snooker is near the top of the tree again in terms of popularity among spectators and players alike. BCE group are committed to spreading the word further by developing key markets in China, Russia and the USA.


Snooker is trendy. With Riley and BCE you have got not one but the two biggest brands in snooker worldwide.